Saturday, February 16, 2008

All the fun of the fair!

I've escaped the cold into the mellow warmth of the South. It is less interesting scenically or ethnically but at least the danger of frostbite has receded. Tha Khaek is nothing special ditto the room but ....

... today was the first day of a temple fair some 6 km out of town. So I hired a bike (good move) and pedalled out through straggling ends of town then rice fields and then spent the day watching the set up, eating grilled fish and som tam, watching girls and boys takraw (3-person team, volleyball rules but heads and feet only permitted) also conventional volleyball and football, lots of stalls (mainly plastic tat!), ferris wheel and DODGEMS! The last was really excellent: I went on three times and the years just fell away!

The atmosphere was so relaxed and people so friendly. The guy on the dodgems disco had fun making fun of me in Lao and broken English and as the sun set over the temple on the edge of the Mekhong I turned for home with a warm glow.


Blogger E said...

Ferris wheel and dodgems, plastic tat on the markets: 'civilisation' everywhere? A weekend outing to the Roman fort of Gariannonum, and freezing fog here. Hope you are warm!

Mon Feb 18, 09:35:00 pm GMT  

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