Thursday, December 31, 2009

From 41 to 11 (deg C)

[coming in to New Zealand - before the bumps]

From Perth to Christchurch, from dry to wet, from scorch to shiver (I know, I know: it's much colder in the UK): quite a transition! And as for the turbulence over the Southern Alps - it just served to shake us up in preparation for the changes. New Zealand is of course much more English (or I should say British) in feel and style, too, Australia being rather mid-Pacific in its leanings towards the US.

Temperatures have recovered now to 28: a very nice day for New Zealand. We're at home with Roz and Chris - with PhoebeII gurgling in the background and the snow-capped peaks of the aforementioned Southern Alps showing on the horizon. Long may the weather survive but NZ being located where it is, weather is even more of a changeable thing than it is in the UK. The original plan was to go down the west coast and up the middle (of the South Island) but a north-westerly is blowing through and the rainy side of the mountains are getting a soaking. Fingers crossed for next week! In Australia we were getting used to a constant dry but a volatile temperature (apart from the lightest of drips one day) but here anything seems possible from drought to deluge, from bake to brrrr!

One further complication (I should appreciate that I have such a problem!) is accommodation - peak holiday season seems to indicate booked-out status throughout. We have got a bed for tonight but who knows about tomorrow? Liz & Colin's strategy of motorhome all the way is looking more and more the better choice. We're in their wake/shadow and maybe we'll end up as only a pale imitation - but let's see!

[Later on: Tasman glacier and Mount Cook]


Blogger Peter said...

Enjoy NZ, the two of you and Happy New Year!

Sun Jan 03, 04:07:00 pm GMT  

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