Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scotland, Wales, Wye Valley, Kent, Lincolnshire ..

[Symonds Yat, Wye Valley? - no, the Whanganui River Road, North Island]

Scotland, Wales, Wye Valley, Kent, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, rural France, Switzerland. One problem with New Zealand is the temptation to draw parallels to other places because the various landscapes of the two main islands are in turn reminiscent of familiar places in their antipodes. This was not a problem, of course, in Java - nor in Australia.

It can be a disadvantage, as when J's disillusion with Scotland blinds her to the beauty of the Queenstown/Wanaka area of South Island. For the settlers, it was probably reassuring - but also perhaps prompted the wish to populate the New islands with well-loved species from home.
[Symonds Yat - the real thing!]


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