Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When 15 minutes cost $3 NZ ....

... the blogs get very short.

After 2 nights plus an overnight boat on the Bay of Islands, we had 2 days in Ahipara at the south end of the 90-mile beach. Then, after a scenic drive back via Hokianga and the Waipoua kauri forest we are now hovering close to Auckland (Mangawai Heads) to allow us minimum urban, maximum chill-zone time. Tomorrow, we drop the car near the airport in the afternoon, fly to Melbourne in the evening, onto KL overnight and then J gets the Air Asia flight to Stansted: cheapest way but complex, involving entering Australia and leaving it (in and out of customs/immigration etc) within a brief while: ditto in KL. After all that, I'll have about 9 more days before I have to do the same (from KL, I mean).


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